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Kirsten Price likes to get online, and she finds unshaved britney photos. The unshaved britney photos were so hot she strips from the waist down and lie in her bed with only the sheet covering her lower half. Usually the lights are out and only candles or a low-illuminating bulb is burning. She reads as many stories as it takes to feel her underwear become damp and her inner muscles begin to clamp down rhythmically with the story that she’s reading. When she feels her clit become really hard, she slides her hand over her breasts, just teasing the nipples, tweaking them. The zing of pleasure usually causes her body to jerk slightly. Then she runs just her fingertips down her torso, pressing down when she comes to the top of her panties. By this time, she’s really wet and can feel herself dripping through the cotton. Then she pulls the panties off her legs. She only uses one finger to circle her clit, brushing lightly on the places that she knows will drive her wild. She likes to fantasize about men touching her as she touches herself. When she knows she can’t take it anymore, she slides her finger against this certain spot on the right side of her clit. One or two gentle, but quick, rubs sends her right over the top.

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